Events Joya is part of.



SLAMM!! : a Netherlands based mixed martial arts and thaiboxing promotion based in Almere, Netherlands. They organized their flagship "Nederland vs Thailand" series, a ten-hour marathon of mixed martial arts and kickboxing fights as well as an international events in Spain, Belgium, Italy and Suriname.

A1 World Combat Cup

A1 World Combat Cup: A1 was the initiative of the Australian / Turkish promoter named Tarik Solak who lives in Australia. This gala is organized twice a year in the Netherlands.


It's Fight Time
It’s fight time: At ‘It's Fight Time’ the sporting aspect - combat sport at the highest level - is clearly placed in the foreground. In addition to a fair, sporting co-existence of the athletes, It's Fight Time also confirms the motto "say no to racism" and thus provides a clear statement against racism and a respectful treatment of the people of different cultures.

DKKO Storm
DKKO Storm:
A Gala organized by theGerman Martial Arts Organization.

 HYPE Fighting Championship is a Professional Fight Event Series in Bremen/Germany



The year 2016 is the 6th year in the history of the SUPERKOMBAT Fighting Championship (SUPERKOMBAT), a kickboxing promotion based in Romania. The events are broadcasts through television agreements with Eurosport and other regional channels including in Canada and the United States.


Emperor Chok Dee
Emperor Chok Dee:
A big Muay Thai event in France.


Combat Tournament K-1 max:
K-1 began in 1993 and is a kickboxing platform and martial arts brand well-known worldwide mainly for its heavyweight division fights.